Using KOGENATE® Bayer

Why have I been prescribed KOGENATE® Bayer?

You’ve been prescribed KOGENATE® Bayer because you have haemophilia A. This is because your body has a lack of a protein that helps stop bleeding – known as ‘clotting factor’. Put simply, KOGENATE® Bayer replaces the clotting factor your body can’t make.

To find out more about haemophilia, click here.


What is KOGENATE® Bayer?

KOGENATE® Bayer is a recombinant factor VIII product (rFVIII). Recombinant factor VIII is produced by a process called genetic engineering. This involves taking a copy of the human gene that makes factor VIII and growing it under special conditions in a laboratory. The factor VIII that is produced is collected and sterilised. It is then ready for use.

Factor VIII that is made in this way is similar to human factor VIII as it is derived from the human factor VIII gene.


Storing KOGENATE® Bayer

Before infusion, KOGENATE® Bayer should be kept in the fridge (2°C – 8°C) inside its carton, for a maximum of 30 months.

However, it can also be stored at room temperature (25°C or less) for up to 12 months from the date it was taken out of the fridge.

In all cases, the vial should be kept in the outer carton, away from direct sunlight. It should never be frozen or used beyond the expiry date.

Expiry date

When you take KOGENATE® Bayer out of the fridge, write the date 12 months from then in the expiry date space on the box.

For more information on how to store KOGENATE® Bayer, see the patient information leaflet.


Recording your treatment

Treatment records

Each KOGENATE® Bayer vial has a peel‑off label. Once you’ve used the vial, stick the label in your treatment diary so you can easily track the dose and batch number of each infusion.